Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Trees are hanging from above,
And I'm standing on a cloud.
The moon is brighter than the sun
The songbird coarse and loud.

Avalon is purgatory
School is almost fun.
Roses smell like rotten meat
My pen sounds as a gun.

My shadow flies far from my feet
Grins come across as sad.
Light is dark, and dark is grey
Oh, this is a world run mad!

  But in the end it will all be
  All confused with harmony
  The world is run stark mad.

  Oh, who cares, come and be glad.
 Insanity abounds.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Samaritans and Square Dancing

I was still sick, and yet I served food all day Saturday. Is there something wrong with that, or is it just me? 
At 10:30 I met with the people from the Presbyterian church so we could go to the Samaritan Center to volunteer. I am actually Catholic, but it doesn't really matter. 
The Samaritan Center is in a basement behind a big green door, wedged between the YMCA and a cathedral. When we got there, I was really apprehensive, and it didn't help when this homeless man with an orange hat started talking to us. It was better when we got inside and I was surrounded by people I knew. There was this somewhat grouchy woman named Marianne who told us what to do. We spent most of the morning setting up for the lunch. 
We went looking for a bathroom at one point. There was one in the antechamber to the cathedral, which was above us. While in line, Erin and I investigated the cathedral from where beautiful organ music was playing. It was magnificent. There were beautiful windows, and a high vaulted stone ceiling. It was amazingly pretty.  Later, Erin joked that she had found the church that she wants to get married in. (Me, too). 
At 1:30, the doors opened and the people came in. It was a little weird. I was helping Ashley, Mackie, and Erin supervise the salads and desserts. I saw the guy in the orange hat again, with the weird voice, as well as a guy with major dreadlocks and a poor teenage girl talking care of her two sisters. 
Then I got demoted to wiping trays, which got really tedious and I didn't get to stand with anyone I knew. =/
At 2:30 it was over, and we got to eat our lunch - the leftovers, actually. The biscuits were actually really good. As we were eating, this guy named Adam (a homeless guy) came up and said, "Do you mind if I ask you some religious questions?" He was a bit of a nutball. He laughed randomly every so often and asked questions like "What color was Jesus?" and "I don't get it, so who was more important, Jesus or Moses?" It was very bizarre. I was kind of glad when we got to leave, also because my feet were tired. I rode home with the Noonans in their very crowded car (Jesslyn, Caitlin, Greer and I were all crammed into the back seat). 
At 5:00 Dad drove me to the high school to set up for the Square Dance. When we got there most of the stuff was already set up, so we were baffled why we had to be there two and a half hours early. I still am.  At least my friends were there. And we got the canopy that had Mary's cow curtains on it. 
At long last, the Square Dance started. However, by 7:45, we had an inkling that it was going to be a bust. About twenty people had shown up, and ten more showed up later. It was pretty bad. In the end, the total might have been around 40, not counting Interact kids (like me). So for most of the evening I just hung out with Mary, Kat, Sarah and Tirzah around Sarah's and Tirzah's hot dog booth, which by far beat selling popcorn to a non-existant crowd. I estimate that we sold four bags of popcorn, one of them by me. The majority of it we had to throw out in the end, though I took home a bag for Emme. 
I think the pretzel kids sold two pretzels. The nacho people did slightly better...maybe around seven to ten trays? They ate a lot of the chips themselves, so I can't be sure. The hot dogs and baked goods were probably the most successful. I'm guessing they sold twenty hot dogs? Probably more, actually. I'm bad at estimating. 
Around 8:00 ish, Kat, Tirzah, and I went up to the road to jump around and wave in the hopes of increasing our traffic. We jumped around and screamed for about ten minutes. No one even slowed down. They all just stared at us like we were crazy. A little while later, three boys (I don't know their names, but they were selling the nachos) came up and pretended to play with an invisible jumprope in the road. Then when a car came, they would run to either side and pose like they were stretching a rope across the road. They got a lot of cars to slow down, which is more than we can claim. We were worried that they would get in trouble, though, and we didn't want any responsibility in it, so we left. Sarah, who had seen, said that that was the most brilliant thing she had ever seen. I'm inclined to agree. It was pretty hilarious, especially when they got yelled at by a lady with puffy hair in a red car. 
I didn't square dance at all. Dancing isn't exactly my thing...especially square dancing. I did attempt the Cotton-Eyed Joe once, but not for long. 
For dinner I ate a bag of popcorn, two cupcakes, and two peeps.  Yum. The peeps were actually on the cupcakes, which was doubly cool.
The dance ended at 10:30. Minie and Dickie (my grandparents) took me home. Minie actually gave me a tulip! It's red and pretty...I love flowers. :) It was actually one of the ones that we grew in the greenhouse. It was a fundraiser for FFA, but as I am not in FFA, I didn't get to share the profit, which sucks because us amazing Horticulture people were the one who actually grew them, not the FFA people. (yes, we are "amazing". Don't ask.) 

I found a three inch long toad on the driveway. It was three inches wide, too. It was flipping HUGE. I need to think of a name for him in case I see him again. If anyone has any suggestions please tell. If anyone actually reads this blog that would be even more awesome. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

St. Leo's

I have been sick all day, and last night as well. My throat is so sore from my near incessant coughing, I have a somewhat runny nose, and I keep getting dizzy spells. I got a major one during Global, which wasn't helped by my morning fatigue. I actually slept for most of Horticulture. Amazingly, I didn't get yelled at. 
Unsurprisingly, I did horribly in gym. I suck at handball anyway, and my drowsy, dizzy state didn't exactly help. I CAN'T CATCH A BALL!!!
But anyway.
After school, I didn't even get to go home. I had to go help some annoying little kids at their Reconciliation afternoon at St. Leo's church hall. First they watched a stupid movie about a little girl who skateboards down a hill that her parents told her not to go on and almost gets run over by a fire truck. Then I watched over the station where they made trail mix for homeless people. It was fairly dull, especially since my job was the Offical Bag Sealer, helping kids seal their bags. 
At least I got to eat pizza. However, since I gave up chocolate for lent, I couldn't eat the cake. On the plus side, I took a piece anyway and just licked the icing off the top.   
All in all, it didn't suck quite as badly as I suspected. Still, I not happy that Mom signed me up for it without my consent. Thanks, Mom. 

Peace out. 

Cast of Characters

My life is full of crazy people. A lot of them. I have a bunch of friends from all over, and constantly acquire new ones, or at least acquaintances. Here's a few of them from all over:

My Family:

Mom - slightly OCD (not actually). Kind and supportive. Funny, occasionally. Buys me food.
Dad - annoying. teasing (even though he gave that up for Lent). He's also really smart. He teaches me things. 
Emme - 10 year old sister who ticks me off continually. Obsessed with soccer and Webkinz (they are retarded). She has six Webkinz. All of her friends are weird except for Harriet and Elisa (sisters) who are awesome...and their family, too. Not only because they have a ton of awesome pets, but also because their mom is so nice and fun and makes me food. 
Fetcher - tabby cat. Grouch. Smells funky. I think he's turning eight this year.
Glory - black and white cat. Ashley still hates me for not getting Justice instead of her, but I love Glory and wouldn't trade her for the WORLD (except for when she's sitting on my homework).

Thus, my family.

My Friends from School: (or a VERY small portion of)

Ashley - devoted runner. Obsessed with Tamora Pierce books. Owns cows that look like yaks. Fun to debate with, except for when she resorts to violence to get a point across, as in our ongoing "technically" debate. 
Gracie - likes listening to music, watching TV...I don't know what else! Owns two cats and a dog. One cat is evil. The other is cute but evil. The dog is retarded but very nice (I love you Chichi).  She has an amusing family. She likes writing amusing quotes in her planner.
Sarah - likes love stories...and Twilight for that reason, methinks. Is writing an awesome story currently. Super smart and an excellent artist. 

Other Friends:

Lydia - known her since kindergarten. She goes to JD and has awesome friends. She likes writing, somewhat, and Japanese anime.
Shayla - met her at Clarkson camp over the summer. Artistic...and fun to be around. I don't really know any of her other interests, though we're penpals. I think she plays soccer, too. 

Note: this was only an extremely minimal portion of all my friends. I'm sorry that I didn't mention you all, but I don't feel like writing it all. 

Another Time-Waster

Hello, readers! (who I imagine will be mostly my friends after I have given them this address). But, just for the sake of it all, I shall continue writing it as if I were speaking to a world wide audience who are hanging attentively on my every word. 
How dare you suggest that I'm narcissistic! 

I guess before I go any further, I should explain what my site objectives are. One is to document interesting occurences in my life. Two is to place some of my stories on this site...possibly. Three is to give me another time waster on the internet. 
All clear?
(Clear as mud, Madeleine.)

Hmm...that's all for now. I'm sure that I'll have something more interesting later.