Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spider silken thread

Gorgeous yarn, right? It is extremely thin cotton thread that has little periodical ravels that look like dew drops on cobwebs. Good purchasing decisions on my part.

I am still trying to figure out precisely what to do with it. I started knitting a very thin scarf, but it occurs to me that the finished project will neither be functional nor particularly aesthetic. Here are the options I am considering, and their caveats:

a). Knit a much wider scarf, perhaps closer to eight inches across as opposed to the current three. It would be much prettier and also fairly functional. The only thing I worry about is whether I would have enough yarn to make a full-length scarf of that width.
b). Crochet a lacy jumper. I've had a notion of crocheting a dress for a while, and it could turn out quite prettily. Again, though, I sincerely doubt I have enough yarn.
c). Crochet a spider-webbing-lace hat, in the style of the knit berets that are so popular currently. Though not particularly warm, it could be quite pretty. The only trouble is that I do not think I have a small enough crochet hook for the level of intricacy that I want.

I am not certain as to where I should go from here. There are halting problems with all of the options. Hmm.

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