Friday, July 20, 2012


I've been working on writing a few songs lately. They're pretty simple, but it is much easier to compose on Norton than on the piano. With a ukulele, you really only need to use chords and strumming pattern, but on the piano, you need to do much fancier things. It's also harder to remember, and I find it difficult to write music down.
Either way, I'm fairly pleased with the results. This song is a composition I started writing two years ago, but only just finished up today. The inspiration was a character of mine in a story, who is much different now than envisioned then, but I still named the song after him because I liked the way it sounded.
The video is awful, as usual, because I have next to zero practice performing, and also my camera is  just your standard digital camera and does not have beautiful recording quality. Please forgive me, and just listen to the pretty music. (It helps to read the words while listening).


 A white rabbit sits at the head of the table
Sipping blood as drink
I've been lost here for so long
Where are you? I think

That the black pine grove was real in my head
Why can't you see it?
“You're mad” I know the black bird said
Why can't I believe it?

And sometimes I miss you and sometimes I don't
And sometimes I see lights
Out in the orchard, amidst all the pine trees
Burning up the night.

And I know what the blackbird said was true
But it's kind of pleasant here
I have all my rabbits, and normal habits
And never all that fear.

Sometimes I'll see you, shouting in the pine grove
But I can never hear.
Sometimes the music's just too loud
But mostly I don't care.

If I ever come home, I'll be sure to say hello
But I'm not so sure I will.
The blackbird doesn't visit much
Neither does winter's chill.

And sometimes I miss you, and sometimes I don't,
And sometimes I just think
That the black pine grove was real in my head
And at the table the glasses clink.


  1. Very nice. You and Norton play Benjamin very well.

  2. Thank you. Norton and I get along well. We've become fast friends.